This week's opening Error'd submission required a bit of translation for the monoglots among us, but it was worth the work. Not speaking even een beetje of Dutch, I was forced to use Google's own translation service to see what it was that had so worried our friend Sebas. And it's a doozy.

" help - Child abuse images are illegal" warns Google's AI, inferring lewd Low Countries Linux links. For his part, Sebas takes it in stride, "Just hoping I'm not flagged now." I'm afraid to ask what the Goog makes of tcl.



Meanwhile, neighboring Daniel N. endured a slew of wtfery on the road to delivering us this archetypical Error'd. These are our raison d'être.
"Ironically, submitting directly to your website yields a 500 error!" he exclaims for WTF#1.
"Apologies for the fuzzy photo, I'm prohibited from taking screenshots on my work PC!" he continues for WTF#2. (But apparently not prohibited from car-shopping, eh Daniel? Don't worry, your secret is safe with us.)
Presenting below the WTF FTW, I give you:



A bit farther Norse, minor international fiancier Peter G. frets " I hope's funds transfer division is better with numbers than this explanation of VAT implies." Are you marketing Mercedes or mackerel, Peter?



Fishing for an explanation of his unusual bill, Steve S. submits a priceless quote. "No, I did not find this detected anomaly to be helpful."



Enfin, presumably pseudonymous Tom Sawyer casts in his own two cents on another crudely translated Error'd exemplified. "Just a little QA would be helpful," he mutters sotto voce.



Enjoy your weekend.

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