I know that I recently implied a fondness for cooked corvid, but if this keeps up I'm going to turn vegan. It will be a sad day if I have to turn in the barnyard puns.

Reader Ruthless R. goes in HAM, crowing "Daily WTF goes WTF with its RSS Feed." It's getting to be less funny.



Regular gargler Argle Bargle rooted up this error, roasting phlegmatically "A lot of people using MSN's comment sections have been complaining about crazy levels of censorship. Sometimes vicious insults are let through uncontested, sometimes the posts are marked held for review, sometimes you are told that the most innocent of comments are not acceptable to community guidelines, but perhaps the weirdest form of censorship is an error reading Something went wrong. Please try again. Trying again never works. Sometimes rewording and trying again never works. On a whim, I tried submitting something about pig Latin." That didn't work either. Ookslay ikelay eirthay fanityproay ilterfay okedechay.



Never Wimpy Evan R. is planning to murder some hamburgers, grunting "Let me just crack open the debugger to order some sliders."



Adam R. is headed to market, jiggety jig. "I wanted to know if my bank provided any foreign currency services and came across this FAQ entry on its website. Their answer was not helpful." But technically correct.



Allie C. bastes Google, dripping "Javascript injection + regex really is less good news!"



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