"What do you think the buttons do? If you thought the dialog was trying to help you log in or give an opportunity to send them an e-mail, instant message, or tweet pointing out how the buttons don't do anything, you might be mistaken," writes Alex M., "


Robert wrote, "This appeared after attempting to clean up a working copy. Apparently, I'm expected to do the same thing again (and again, and again, and AGAIN...)and expect a different result."


"I'm not sure that I can wait another 90 days for April's caffeine supply," writes Martin R.


"I was innocently researching time travel when this happened," wrote Bruce R.


Stephen E. wrote, "I was trying to figure out the order I needed to do my cross product in. I'm not quite sure how that's related to constipation?"


"According to Microsoft, MsoTriState is a 'tri-state Boolean' that apparently has 5 possible values," writes Mark, "But that's OK since only two of them are supported.


Maarten writes, "After installing the latest version of Visual Studio Community Edition, I was excited to give it a try. Unfortunately, after pressing the Launch button I received this instead." At the end of the installation, after pressing the launch button, this error dialog shows up."


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