"I am fairly certain that the data within this .csv file contains the secret of time travel," Merrick writes.


Darrell T. wrote, "We never met you, and we miss you!"


"It's a good thing that they included significant digits. Anything less than 4.4096915 is clearly unacceptable," wrote Tyler.


Brent W. writes, "Not even remotely sure what popped this error/warning/whatever up. The OK/Ignore don't help much either. Bottom line - my Azure was broke."


"Looking for proof of global warming? Check out the below," wrote Geoff


Alexander S. wrotek, "German Outlook pops up this message: "During archiving errors ocurred. A detailed report is placed in folder 'Deleted Elements'"


"Looks like cars aren't the only things that crash in racing arcade games," writes David.


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