"Apparently, only a small part of my dinner qualifies as food," writes Alex F.


Hamkakei wrote, "I've heard of a working lunch, but Amazon seems a little over confident about how much code will be written with this."


"404 on Index? Are you feeling OK Github?" Mattias C. writes.


"I've heard some bad things about Backup Exec, but you must be doing something good to be able to handle that many jobs," wrote Marc B.


Paul writes, "Being broken is bad enough, but being broken twice in a row is a whole other story."


"I'm pretty good at counting, so am I missing something?" wrote Silvia


"So, if I want to see what Windows 10 wants to uninstall, it looks like I'm going to have to give it permission and then look afterwards to see what's missing," Smylers writes.


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