No, it's generally not nice to pick on people who fumble a second language. But TDWTF isn't here to be nice, it's here to be funny, or at least interesting. If nothing else, our final submission this week qualifies as interesting, after you go haring off down the trail of ambient context following your kreiselkompass.

We start with an anonymous submission from a reader who writes "The English in this config dialog isn't great so I guess I'll play the game in the alternate language, Ҝ-{ΐ." Personally, I'd stick with Hyphen.



Sad Swede Weyland bemoans "Sadly the 5th star rating isn't clickable in this customer feedback email ¯\_(ツ)_/¯" but what I want to know is WHAT DOES [,(LRU@)v,] MEAN???



B*****n René educates us that "Sure, one of the meanings of close is near or nearby; but this text editor misses the point in its Dutch translation when it says: Nearby? - You will lose unsaved changes. - [Cancel] [Nearby]"



Big Spender Matías declares "I got this message when using the Spanish version of PayPal. The translation is: Please ensure to use a bank account accepting Argentine pesos. This guarantees the transaction will be rejected."



And finally, Patrick G. wanders in with a puzzled search result from an online bookseller, snarking thusly: "Yes, Amazon. I generally take a gyro compass (Kreiselkompass) on a hike (Reise)."



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