"It's interesting to consider that First Great Western's train personnel track on-time but meanwhile, their seats measure uptime," writes Roger G.


Peter G. writes, "At $214.90 for two years I was perfectly happy, but this latest price increase? You've simply gone TOO FAR and I will be cancelling ASAP!"


"SharePoint does a lot of normal things, but in the case of this upgrade, it truly went above and beyond," Adam S. wrote.


"Sure, I guess you can email a question, but just don't get your hopes up for a reply," writes Samuel N.


Al H. writes, "When I signed up for a trial evaluation of Toad and got an e-mail with the activation license key, this was not quite what I was expecting."


"The cover story, in case anybody starts asking too many questions, is that Dustin is the name of the male squirrel outside the window. He and Sylvia the squirrel are married. Nobody was testing in Production," writes Sam P.


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