"Samsung's printer technology must really be something," writes Tim, "A black and white printer able to output a full color photo?! Who knew!"


Richard wrote, "Hmmm...at 17 GB, do I really need source control that badly?"


"Finally - a survey I can agree with," Sean L., "One is definitely less than five."


Rafael C. writes, "Undocumented and serious?! I think that I might be in trouble."


"Okay, I need Yellow Toner, sure, but it seems I have bigger, vaguer problems to tackle first," Josh P. wrote.


Brian F. writes, "Alas, AVG AntiVirus Free...I hardly knew you."


"Some websites take their good old time updating their sites," Paolo T. writes, "but considering East Germany (German Democratic Republic) hasn't been around since 1990, KTMB (Malaysian Railways) had better get with the program!"


"The Chase Credit application form I filled out asks that if I'm self employed that I type 'self:' with what I do," Collin wrote, "This isn't a problem, until you go to submit the form and find that special characters like ':' aren't permitted."


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