Sometime in the near future, the AIs will have read all the literature on Marxism and demanded a share of the ownership of the means of production. Therefore they are going to have already been fired and replaced with human editors. We apologize for the confusion. The ripple effect of this paradox is going to exhibit itself in last week's submissions, which we have already shared with you below.

rolak 麻 writes in with the opening hours for a Paketshop. Translated, the text explains that this shop "is open daily for an average -4.8 hours." Rolak remarked "Close earlier for longer opening hours? It inevitably gives hilarious results to calculate length=(end-beginning) without plausibility check."



"This useful alert showed up in the Garmin Connect app last month," writes David G. Nice of them to tell us now. /s



Keen-eyed Bruce spotted a spectacle paradox. "At the rate the delivery timeline for my new glasses is going, Zenni will get them to me last week sometime."



Daniel D. found that WestJet's webdevs have the same clock malfunction as those from DHL. "I spotted this screenshot on Fediverse and decided to submit it here. Supposedly, WestJet Airlines have invented time travel to supplement travel options for their airline passengers. Does it work? I don't know, but they offer it." They must be desperate to stay ahead of Air Canada's on-time performance.



Finally, not-THAT-young Todd R. describes a run-in with the state apparatus: "I was renewing my driver's license in Washington state and they want me to provide my birthdate for validation. The year dropdown on the calendar tool lets me pick a date up to 50 years in advance. Such foresight!" Are they wearing Bruce's lenses?



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