We like to think of Error'd as a safe place for pedants.
Fussbudgets, hair-splitters, nitpickers, and pernickety sticklers for the Oxford comma, come in. After all, if not for the "technically correct" (and honestly, what other kind of correctness is there?) we would be forced to move this to a monthly column for lack of material.
So to those who chide our vernacular inaccuracies and occasional infelicities, we say "Come in. You're not wrong." It is true that our readers only occasionally unearth truly terrible woes; most submissions are merely mundane mediocrities. But do come in. These nits are for all to share.

Regular shipper Pascal shops USPS: "Apparently all hours are undefined hours."



And a regular shopper shares anonymously "From the Dick's Sporting Goods website. I think someone is confused."



While an (entirely different) irregular reader anonymuses "I didn't find this myself, it was posted on the tumblr of someone calling themself gaugevectormoron."



And regular reader Anders N. maunders "Given that this is Aug 2021, maybe the expectations of this online bookshop could do with an update?"



But todays pedantry prize must be awarded to our friend Martin who bemoans this CVE from NIST "It's better than their first proposal (Everything is broken) but they still have to put effort into QA. It's 'Daemon Tools Pro', geez." Welcome, Martin. Come in. I'll read you a poem.



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