"I have a feeling that VS Code is trying to tell me that the object class provides functionality common to all JavaScript objects," writes Eric.


"Hmmm...When I set out to upgrade my broadband speed, 'null' wasn't quite what I had in mind," writes Michael R.


"All I wanted to know was how far sound travels in 15 milliseconds," Andreas wrote, "I didn't realize that I would need to take the wheelbase of a Mitsubishi Galant into account."


Martin wrote, "I think they must be targeting a younger demographic who will be around for the 2083 issue."


"Do you want a Skynet apocalypse? Because this how you get a Skynet apocalypse," Jeff H. wrote.


"Seems my VPN provider knows when to cancel my lifetime subscription in advance. Do they know something that I don't?" writes Niels.


Pascal wrote, "This message doesn't not confuse me greatly."


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