Gordon S. wrote, "In seeing how someone botched the deployment of Windows on the flight boards, I sure hope that's ALL that admin was allowed to work on."


"This is the login page for the French health insurance system. The red text says 'The Ameli portal will be unavailable from the 01/02/2003 to the 04/05/2006'," Joelle wrote, "Three years of maintenance downtime may seem a bit excessive, but at least they've chosen a time slot that will not affect many users."


Eric writes, "Somehow I don't think giving your card number as **Bunch_of_numbers** will work here."


"Charlotte Airport is here to remind us all that it's the computers, not the airplanes, that crash," David B. writes.


"I can see it now - a long time ago, someone named Craig hurt the BBC's web servers and now, it works tirelessly to ignore me," wrote Craig K.


"Was it helpful? Umm...was it anything?" Ian wrote.


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