Dating from a few months back, our opening submission for the week is only funny if you don't see it as a painful forecast of some coming summer in the City of Lights. Keeping with the theme of trapped systems, mostly Windows, here follow more multinational kiosk misadventures.

"Wear sunscreen," warns Thomas, temperately. "It's unseasonably warm."



Swiss Máté still sees the sunny side: "Sure, you can't see where your bus is going to, but at least they are providing you with the means to fix the problem..." [Teamviewer, that is, the remote-tech-support tool]



Kiwi Peter G. exclaims "Argh, got on the wrong train! I was supposed to meet friends for dinner in E3F12C, not E3F12B." The real woe is that E3F12C is a strictly Vegemite ville, but E3F12Bers are Marmite mavens. I hope he didn't go hungry.



Elswhere in the Antipodes, tourist Peter "Visited the Royal Mint in Canberra where all the information screens were displaying this message."



Finally, phoning it in from the Low Countries, Mark shares this Dutch treat. "Windows Update needs to restart, but Windows update is preventing a restart."



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