Many years ago, at the height of the Industrial Revolution, the United States was criscrossed by a riot of regional railroads. Gradually, these were acquired or merged until now there are only about a half-dozen major national railroads. In a similar fashion, at the birth of the public Internet, there must have been thousands of community Internet service providers. It seemed like every town had its own entrepeneurial enterprise, with some racks of modems in an office somewhere. Those quickly got snapped up or forced into bankruptcy, as legacy cable telecoms companies leveraged their existing monopolies into a new line of business. Which brings us to this week's Error'd. Enjoy(?) it.

First up, Adrian McCarthy grumbles "Getting help can be difficult when your regional monopoly internet service provider cannot assemble a functional web site. Note that the understandably required Description field in this online support contact form is disabled."



Next, an anonymous reader feels unrecognized by his cable company. "Yeah, that feels about right given the level of customer service I've come to expect from Comcast."



Faithful follower Barry M. contributes a novel form of Daylight Saving Time: "I thought I lost an hour of my life watching Stephen Colbert last night, but it seems like I'll actually gain almost 3 if I resume."



Finally, Fourthly, David W. opines ironically "Nice to see that Xfinity's email reader is protecting me from the email that Xfinity is sending me."



But enough dunking on Comcast. It would be unfair to imply that they're the only ISP whose Error'ds have been invading our inbox. To round things out, I dug back into the unused archive and found we did get something about a competitor in 2015. So you see, other ISPs do make mistakes sometimes!

Vladimir begged us "Should I choose the More Streaming PROD_NAME_PLANSWIDGET plan for $PRICE ${fraction} / month or the More Devices PROD_NAME_PLANSWIDGET plan for $PRICE ${fraction} / month? Someone help me decide!" But we weren't any help, and I'm sure it's moot by now.



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