"It doesn't impact me, but just wondering...which one would I pick if my spouse was named Elisabeth?" wrote Jon T.


Mark R. writes, "When it absolutely has to be there ...Yesterday!"


"Hmmmm...'Cancel' or 'Cancel Cancel'...which to pick..." writes Dave L.


Phil R. wrote, "Thankfully Levi's omitted 'Gent', 'Guy', 'Dude', 'Dude-Bro', and 'Fella'...or it might be REALLY confusing."


"So my wife was browsing the Domino's Canada menu and came across this gem...Yes, please! I'd love a side of delicious Collect Coupons!" Steve H. wrote.


Irving M. writes, "Umm, wasn't I already doing that? Am I supposed to see something special?"


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