"I agree, Google. When it comes to news coverage of politically sensitive topics, many errors have occurred," writes Scott.


"Jay F. wrote, "Not quite what I'd call 'free'..."


"Does this mean I'm the first? Or that my ID doesn't exist? Or did they just insult me and call me a zero?" writes Michael.


Josef V. wrote, "You like EventArgs? I've got EventArgs for days and days."


"To be honest, I don't want either Chuck or Wizards of the Coast sending me emails, so this works out just fine," Andrew P. wrote.


"I gave up on waiting in the queue to chat with a Microsoft representative after noticing the change in my 'progress'," Michael P. wrote.


"Wow, they sure have some strange weather up in Toronto," writes Geoff.


"Great. Not only did Word crash, but now I'm seeing double!" Vance wrote.


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