A fair bit of "bad code" requires at least a passing understanding of the language in question, or the domain involved. But bad comments transcend programming languages. Vilx sends us this one, which comes from code which is definitely running in production.

// WARNING!!! Special case for [external API] testing. // DO NOT LET THIS PIECE OF CODE FIND IT'S WAY TO PRODUCTION

Adding more commentary almost feels like gilding the lilly. Almost.

One of the main objections to putting loads of comments in your code is that over time the code changes, and if the comments don't change with them, confusion results. Which, not only is this not a comment you want to see in your production code, it's not an accurate comment. Vilx explains:

In all truth the particular code (or even the codebase) isn't all that bad; and the lines that followed are completely harmless in production…

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