"Shortly after one of our dear colleagues left the business for pastures new, we started to find some messages they left behind," Samantha wrote.


"Apart from not knowing whether I was affected, when, and what to do next, this civil defence warning really put my mind at ease," writes Nick K.


Erwan R. wrote, "I just removed my item, of course it won't be there!"


"I guess seeing an actually valid certificate must be rare enough to trigger a red flag," writes Zach R.


"The child product store Windeln has got you covered," wrote Valts S., "Whether you want to buy a lot of children-related stuff, or avoid it."


Duston writes, "Gosh, who knew that "Error" was a problem? Good thing they gave me the details!"


"This CAPTCHA provider is really testing our stance on gender inclusiveness," wrote James H.


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