With a minimum of curated snark this week, you get only the freshest goods.

Unpreserved jeffphi reports "My friend Jason mentioned this to me. I assume if you select these options, your pickle state will collapse only after observing your delivered goods."



Original Henrik H. highlights "Apparently cache invalidation is still hard, will it ever be refreshed?"



Self-styled The Beast in Black v0t3d for this submission: "I checked the 2022 US general election results for PLACE; I should have WORD. No screenshots were harmed in the making of this errord."



Regular reader Anon E. Mouse "Credly.com is disappointed that I am already signed in. Next time I won't sign in." We're disappointed too, Anonnie.



Finally, diligent mouserover Rick P. discovered "Their design standards must require that every icon must have Help text".



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