Paulo F was doing a little online banking with one of the largest banks in Brazil. He wanted to buy a pre-paid debit-card. He chose a value from the drop-down, for example R$50,00- fifty Reals. The site promised him a card loaded with R$200,00. It didn’t matter what he chose, the site offered him a completely different value.

Curious, he pulled up the element in the inspector.

<select id="formCadastroInternetBankInfoEmail2:valorCompraSaqueCartaoDebito" name="formCadastroInternetBankInfoEmail2:valorCompraSaqueCartaoDebito" size="1" title="Selecione a partir de qual valor você deseja receber informações de compra ou saque com Cartão de Débito" class="tabindex" tabindex="34">
<option value="cem" selected="selected">R$ 10,00</option>
<option value="duzentos">R$ 50,00</option>
<option value="quinhentos">R$ 100,00</option>
<option value="mil">R$ 200,00</option>
<option value="mil2">R$ 500,00</option>
<option value="mil5">R$ 700,00</option>
<option value="mil10">R$ 900,00</option>
<option value="mil20">R$ 1.000,00</option>
<option value="mil50">R$ 5.000,00</option>
<option value="mil100">R$ 10.000,00</option>

If you don’t speak Portugese, you might not be seeing the problem. Cem is the word for “one hundred”. Duzentos for “two hundred”. And so on. It’s not even that they screwed up a decimal point, this isn’t a minor detail, and clearly breaks the ability to purchase debit cards.

Paulo purchased his card from a different bank.

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