File under "Old Business": Swissrail just can't catch a break.

Diligent Richard B. dug into the news and reports "After following the link from this week's Error'd, I came across this interesting description in Swissrail's Member list. The filename means 'Company description En(glish)'. They have the same thing in French; the German description is normal."



Allie C. didn't order this. "Sorting by views descending works perfectly with no issues at all!" I don't think we found a catchy name for this category yet. I'm leaning towards assortment.



Persistent Peter G. grumbles "This building company claims to have been in the business for a long time. By their testimonials I'd say at least two thousand years."



Faithful Adam R. comments "Comcast is having an outage in my area, and this time they're not even giving me a bad guess for the Estimated Time of Recovery."



Finally, conscientious Carly G. discovered a very disappointing windfall. "Cashfoward Bonus® would be more accurate. I wonder what happens if I spend it." Don't give it to me!



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