Patrick wrote, "I was at Penn Station in NYC, and, well, I just had to say something!"


"Got a stuck drawer? Stock photo avalanche to the rescue," writes Ben S.


"The reason behind why the subway/tube/metro/U-Bahn is always late in Berlin is finally explained!" wrote Juan J.


Jared S. writes, "Did Yahoo copy Google's approach to testing?"


"At the end of the installation wizard, something went wrong," Marko T. wrote, "Luckily this message makes it clear what that reason was."


"When you log out of the OpenDNS site, it'll hope that you have a good morning (but not really)," Wews M writes.


"The sign in London Kings Cross tube station said 'Stand Back' followed by this," Andrew wrote, "I'm not sure what it means, but it looks serious!"


"Photo came in as part of a bug report about a wrong name appearing in a winery touch screen operator selection list," Brian writes, "Instead, I think that we should first re-evaluate our choice of window titles."


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