I’m totally stoked for what we have brewing for Halloween. It’s called What Lives Beyond the Blue Screen, and we’ve got a fun sneak peak for you:

We’re able to bring this to you thanks to Panagiotis “Pek” Peikidis. In addition to having an even more Greek name than mine, Pek is embarking on a remarkably awesome – and a bit insane – journey. He’s launching Human Readable Magazine: an actual paper magazine (available digitally too) that will take developers on technical deep dives to expand and challenge their knowledge of programming every month.

It’s a kickstarter project that you should all go check out. Pek was inspired to start this after finding a lot of success with Morning Cup of Coding, a newsletter that shares programming articles from every field of programming.

Creating quality content isn’t easy, but from what I’ve seen from Issue 0 Preview, and the creativity in the upcoming Halloween collaboration, Pek is up for the challenge. With our support, we can help make Human Readable Magazine a fixture of the programming community and have a lot more fun collaborations in the future.

In the mean time, stay tuned… What Lives Beyond the Blue Screen is coming next week!

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