"These adertisers are getting smarter. Picture ads of 'one weird trick doctors hate people are doing in Yourcity, USA' are on the outs. On the other hand...Mysterious blocks of JavaScript? You have my attention...," Angela A. writes.


Quentin wrote, "How am able to Board the plane 12 hours and 41 minutes after it has left? Where's that damn time travelling phone booth when I need it?"


"Wait...How exactly can you can define something when define is not defined?" Martin P. wrote.


Mike R. wrote, "Know what would be great? What if Google has some way to lock a field so it couldn’t be edited"


"I'm very excited to finally install... er, i... Z... wha?" George writes.


Bellons write, "Google Calendar wants to do something...I just need to have faith (or not) that I pick the right one."


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