A few months back, Alex announced our sponsorship program. This has been a great partnership that’s helped us bring you our regular content, but also special features like TDWTF: Live.

We’re proud to introduce our second sponsor: Infragistics


A worldwide leader in user experience, Infragistics helps developers build amazing applications. More than a million developers trust Infragistics for enterprise-ready user interface toolsets that deliver high-performance applications for Web, Windows and mobile applications. Their Indigo Studio is a design tool for rapid, interactive prototyping.

Infragistics tools allow you to create rich desktop apps in WPF or Window Forms, responsive Web apps in HTML5, JavaScript & MVC, and native mobiles apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Their products are used by companies like IBM, Intel, AT&T and ESPN. Later this year, we’ll do a deep dive into their products.

Thanks to the support of Infragistics, we’re going to be able to bring you some exciting new content, arrange more meet-ups, contests, and have more fun all around. To build amazing apps of your own, download a free trial of Infragistics Ultimate today. See for yourself why they're considered the worldwide leader in user interface and user experience development controls.

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