"The fact that Microsoft values my PC's health over copyediting is why I thumbed up this window," Eric wrote.


"Great! Thanks Steam! How am I going to contact Paypal now?"


"Now serving order number Not a Number. A totally normal order number, don't question it," Pierre-Luc wrote.


"Sure, I had a pretty rough start getting my cheapo smart power outlet up and running, but hey, on the plus side it does look like 2 indeed got changed to 'two'" writes Bob.


Andy writes, "I'm not sure how much processing Dreamhost needs to do when making a password with the complexity of YXmztnS5vxA6, but this screenshot was taken after 45 seconds of loading."


"I depend heavily on Microsoft Null, but I can't really imagine what kind of updates it might require," Matthew F. wrote.


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