"For a site that is used to view pay stubs, you'd think that they'd come up with better security questions," Carter K. wrote.


Shelly writes, "I'm not sure exactly how much I'd be paying at checkout with the Disney Premium Visa, but just to be safe, I think I'll use my Discover Card instead."


"Once you make it past the front doors of the retirement home where my friend's mother lives, you'll be faced with this layer of security," writes David N..


"We all know freemium games have a way to make you pay to avoid waiting. This will be a hard one to avoid for even the most patient ones among us - 2000 years?" writes Maarten.


"I just had to look and see this huge discount in my cart while searching for a new Logitech remote," Jeff T. wrote.


"I'm so glad that not every piece of software alerts me when there's no error, like iTunes does. I'd be clicking 'OK' all day," Daryl D. writes.


Gaelan S. wrote, "Does this mean I don't have to wash it?"


"I just wanted to resize a picture in Microsoft Word for a report,"Tyrone S. writes, "I guess I could try writing my report in Excel instead because it is better with numbers and math and stuff."


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