This is your reminder: TDWTF's live show is happening this Friday, from 8–10PM at the Maker Theater in Pittsburgh. Tickets are available now.

We still have room for a few more storytellers, so if you're in the Pittsburgh area, pitch us your "real life" IT story. It need not be a WTF, just a story. Send a brief (1–2 paragraph) pitch for your story to, and Remy will be in touch to discuss. We'll work with you to build up a great 8-10 minute piece you can perform.

This event is brought to you by our awesome and proud sponsor, Puppet Labs*. As we mentioned in their sponsorship announcement article, thanks to their support, we’ll be able to create some exciting new content, do more meet-ups, and have a lot more fun all-around. This is an example of that and we are still very excited to be working with them! Check out their intro video, it gives a pretty good overview of how they help their customers get things done.

We’d also like to thank Code & Supply for helping us network with the Pittsburgh IT community. Code & Supply is the largest IT community group in Pittsburgh, with frequent meetups and a variety of activities. They’ve helped connect us with performers and are helping promote the show with their community. They even let this guy give a talk on using storytelling to communicate technical details.

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