"Ok, so what happens if I'm a duke? Then what?" wrote Adam S.


"I got this mysterious prompt on the long-haul flight from Auckland to London," wrote Ben, "I'm sad to say I chickened out and chose 'No Thanks'"


"Incorporated in May 2015, and it's now 2016, been in business for 46 years, so... they must be selling time machines!" wrote James.


Frank G. writes, "To be fair, he did tell us that outsiders are trying to sneak in and attack US citizens."


"Bruxelles-Midi introduced their new 41:10 info screens, just the resolution of 320x78 could be a tad higher," Alexander writes.


"Given that I'm not supposed to see this, should I close my eyes?" writes Craig W.


"So, if unboxing SQL Server 2016 completed successfully, where's the box?!" wrote Maxwell.


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