Last week we lightly brushed on the novel conspiracy theory that perhaps the HBO hullabaloo had been intentionally inspired by their social media team, and suggested you might join them. Apparently the media managers at Subway had been hungering for publicity as well.

TDWTF sandwich specialist Carlos buttered us up, saying "I'm sure you've received a ton of these already [ed: we hadn't], but what's one more?"



TDWTF super-sleuth Samji stumbled upon some school student's summer take-home project, it seems. Her temperature conversion is comic but as Samji astutely points out, "F to C++ would be even weirder." The extremely amateur nature of this site raises more questions than it answers, chief among them being "why?"



Washed-up refugee Sebastian, reluctant to join Subway's test-automation-in-production, discovers that the opportunities for his own favored style of work are scarcer than hen's teeth. "I've been looking around, but I guess McKinsey really doesn't like automation jobs."



While his compatriot Antonio, searching for warranty repair, bemoans the slow service: "If I'll be waiting this long for an LCD, you might as well send a fresh battery too". He really should be looking at Dell in the (very near) future.



Near-future historian Samuel H. warns "Watch out Amazon, Dell can now deliver before they ship." Give them time, and they'll be delivering before you order!



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