Dima R. wrote, "Running out of space on this old XP machine. I know, I'll just uninstall TurboTax 2014!"


George wrote, "Encountered this while filling out my Australian tax return via the ATO's website, but it's more like like an ATUH-OH if you ask me!"


"Their motto should be 'We put your health first...and your security last!'" Vladimir B. writes.


"Well, since jeans cover the top of your lap, it's maybe, kind of a laptop," wrote Mike R.


"I guess on the bright side, at least PayPal knows how when and how much I paid to Undefined," wrote Travis M.


"I didn't realize that screaming in my resume was a requirement," Shyam writes.


The Sketch editor worked great! That is, until someone decided not to look at filenames," writes Jeff K.


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