"Normally, the solar face in Apple Watch, is supposed to show a single 24-hour period," writes Juan C. wrote, "It turns out that going to Ushuaia (the southernmost city in the world) makes it a bit confused, specifically stating that noon is midnight and showing more than one day."


Wow...Patreon is feeling VERY thankful this time of year," wrote Guillermo.


"I understand that XML parsing is not everyone's cup of tea but outright stating that it's not OK is a bit harsh.," writes Martin E.


"I went to the website and tried to prepay for next year, and the prepay price was exactly $58.26 more than twelve regular monthly payments!" Louise H. writes.


Tobias writes, "This is why they say "when you use undefined behaviour in C, the code can do anything"...Like making code that would require the death of many universes to finish running return the result almost instantly."


"I was trying to complain about some noise, but now I have a buzzing in my head," Jack B. wrote.


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