It's been quite a few years since I was last in Silicon Valley. So it wouldn't surprise me at all if some enterprising restaurateur has unveiled a trendy pub and stolen all the humorous thunder from Sean's submission. I'll be more surprised if they haven't.

Says Sean K. "I love trying new beers, but these varieties remind me too much of work." 418's all around! Alas, the keg of 204 has kicked.



Meanwhile, we can't count on Eric K. anymore. "Port 31 of the HP switch is offline, but which one?" he counterfactually queries.



Preparing for some post-pandemic adventure, peripatetic Matias is raring to explore far from home. "Thanks for offering to take me to the local site that I am currently browsing!" he declares.



Reader Rob H. shares a slightly Kafkaesque encounter. "Microsoft must have a different definition of optional than I do. One of the 'optional' settings in Edge is turned on, but it's disabled so that I can't turn it off!"



But Mike T. tops it with this winner of a Catch-22. "NVidia thinks my old password is so bad I can't even change it."



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