"I was casually browsing Bingo games and this one asked me to finish developing their site for them," writes Steven W.


Mike Rippon wrote, "As much as I want to use Google Earth, I'm not sure that I want to install what it's asking."


"I was searching for a camera lens and, well, I found one with some interesting features...including a slight vinegar scent," writes Joshua Armstrong.


"Apparently, availability is merely an illusion," writes Alex H.


Aaron wrote, "A car that produces a gallon of gas for every 25 miles it travels?! Wow!"


"I was short one string of rope lights that I had bought last year, so I turned to Google for help in finding a matching set," Dean C. writes, "I'm not sure if the diapers will fit my snowman as well as the lights would, but hey, what the heck!"


Dan S. wrote, "Thanks {3}, I'll get my {4} all over this {5} right away!"


Traver writes, "My user name had to be seven, too, and when I did enter a seven-digit password I got a "Not a password field" dialog, just to rub it in."


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