"I came across this while submitting to a background check for a new job," writes Jay S., "Good to know that felonious behavior in Boston is perfectly acceptable."


"You know, I'm fairly sure that wasn't my friend Christine's last name," wrote Vivia.


"Deliveroo seems to think a couple of burgers are not really adding up to the minimum order," writes Joao M..


"I got an email stating that it was time to upgrade my work computer and had to fill out an online form stating if I approved or rejected the planned upgrade," writes Angela A., "When I submitted the form, this was the response."


"Obviously a problem with one browser means you need a different login link with totally different credentials for a different browser!" wrote Jeffrey.


"Home Depot's self checkout is still wary about accepting any credit cards," Jared wrote, "Too bad I left my dynamic linked libraries in my other pants."


"This was seen on the high street in Bury St. Edmunds," writes Gary, "Normally, I wouldn't care but it's been stuck like this for a fortnight!"


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