In a first for me, this week we got FIVE unique submissions of the exact same bug on LinkedIn. In the spirit of the theme, I dug up a couple of unused submissions of older problems at LinkedIn as well. I guess there are more than the usual number of tech people looking for jobs.

John S., Chris K., Peter C., Brett Nash and Piotr K. all sent in samples of this doublebug. It's a flubstitution AND bad math, together!



Latin Steevie is also job hunting and commented "Well, I know tech-writers may face hard times finding a job, so they turn to LinkedIn, which however doesn't seem to help... (the second announcement translates to 'part-time cleaners wanted') As a side bonus, apparently I can't try a search for jobs outside Italy, which is quite odd, to say the least!"



Clever Drew W. found a very minor bug in their handling of non-ASCII names. "I have an emoji in my display name on LinkedIn to thwart scrapers and other such bots. I didn't think it would also thwart LinkedIn!"



Finally, Mark Whybird returns with an internal repetition. "I think maybe I found the cause of some repetitive notifications when I went to Linkedin's notifications preferences page?" I think maybe!



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