"In Poland, if you test positive for COVID-19, or come in contact with someone who has, you must stay home for a mandatory 10-day quarantine. During that time, you must use the government's mobile app named 'Home Quarantine' which tracks your location and requires you to send a selfie every couple of hours," wrote Jan K., "The app also reports if you are using a GPS spoofing app. For example, in this screenshot, it has detected a location spoofing app by the name of ...'Calendar'. Naturally, there are stiff penalties for violating rules of your quarantine like this. Also, as expected, there is no appealing the 'findings' of a buggy app like this."


Harry writes, "Of course I can trust this update! My Manufacturer wrote it after all!"


"Testing in Production is only good if you tell everybody that you're testing in Production," Nate L. wrote.


Bob T. writes, "This is why you add '+1 Day' and not '+24 Hours' when you attempt date math."


"Newegg-speak: War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength and Out-of-Stock is In-Stock," wrote Nicolas L.


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