When one of Felix G’s newest design customers decided that they were officially unhappy with their current web-agency, another company's loss was his gain.

His first assignment was a simple one - remove the code that displayed the website’s creator credits (something like 'developed by xyz') from an external website.

What he found was the code below:

include ('js/parse/simple_html_dom.php'); 
$html = file_get_html('http://nogood-crookedwebsite.com/links/index.php');
foreach($html->find('div#CustomerName') as $e) {
        echo $e->innertext;

Basically, it would go to the original web agency’s site, looking for the div with the customer's name (yep, this website was a list of their customers). Felix updated the site to include an ordinary link to his own site instead and made a note to add this site to his online portfolio.

After all - there’s nothing wrong with a little self-promotion.


Photo credit: jenny downing / Foter / CC BY

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