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Error'd features fun error messages and other visual oddities from the world of IT.

Apr 2020

Burrito Font

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"I've always ordered my burritos in Times New Roman. I'll have to make sure to try the Helvetica option next time I go in," Winston M. writes.

Normal 0 False False Errord False EN-US

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Andrew G. writes, "In these difficult times, I'm glad NBC News is having a normal O...and...other...stuff."

Google Translate is the Dog's Meow

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"When a Brazilian teammate showed me a pet he was looking to adopt, I asked Google Translate for some help. It wasn't very helpful," Craig B. writes.

Just Pick Something, Dummy!

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Dave L. writes, "Spotted an option on Lenovo's 'Pick Your Laptop by Spec' that seems to be aimed, possibly, at the less than experienced laptop buyer."