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Feb 2022

Double Bagged

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Many years ago, Yazeran needed to work with some floor-plan data. Now, fortunately for Yazeran, a vendor had already collected this information and packed it up behind a SOAP-based web service, so it would in theory be easy to get. This was long enough ago that SOAP was all the rage, and computers with multiple gigabytes of RAM were still on the higher end of things.

In fact, there was an end-point called GetFullDataExtract which promised to, as the name implies, get him all the data. Yazeran didn't need all the data, but the other end-point, GetGMLBuildings returned only the subset of data Yazeran didn't need. So Yazeran simply had to request too much.

The Biased Bug

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Back in the 90s, Steve was the head (i.e. only) programmer and CEO of a small company. His pride and joy was a software package employed by many large businesses. One day, a client of Steve's named Winston called him concerning a critical, show-stopping bug.

Multilingual Development

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Lisa's company needed to add some custom functionality to a third-party application- IniERP- which was made easier by the fact that the company had a SOAP web service to interact with. The vendor supplied Java sample code for building the service, so it was trivial for Lisa to build her own code to automate those interactions. And everything went fine, and her users were happy.

So fine, and so happy, that other teams heard: "there's a way to integrate your applications into IniERP." Every department in the company had business processes which touched IniERP on some level, so "Lisa built a thing which lets you do this!" got her a lot of emails.