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Aug 2022

Win A Few, Lose A Few

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Today's amusements include a couple of twofers: one from a mouse, and two not-quite-canonical Error'ds that still manage to be pretty double you tee effy.

First up, an eponymous anonymous shared what unlimited looks like. "Thanks for the additional disk space," they squeaked. "That should cover me for a while." I suspect this is some kind of network drive, as I vaguely recall having seen something similar decades ago.

Figures Never Lie

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As always, dates are hard, memory management is hard, and localization is hard, but nothing, nothing is as hard as multiplication.

Sushi fan Ben A. found the freshest fish in western NY. "After an earlier email thanking me for a non-existent recent order," he confides, "Beyond Menu has helpfully clarified that they can predict the future."

Ungrounded Galoshes

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There's no real theme to be gleaned from this week's submissions, just the usual sort of things and a tiny serving of irony courtesy of Google.

Undercover QA engineer Randy O. somehow provoked British Gas to refuse to quote him a meaningful fee. "I uploaded my meter readings to the British Gas website, and they updated my estimated bill," he explained. "When they want me to pay it I may just say NaH." And that's no lye.

Movement Activated

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England and the United States, according to the old witticism, are two countries separated by a common language. The first sample deposited in our inbox by Philip B. this week probably demonstrates the aphorism. "I'm all in favor of high-tech solutions but what happens if I only want (ahem) a Number One?" he asked. I read, and read again, and couldn't find the slightest thing funny about it. Then I realized that it must be a Brit thing.

We call it a Bowel MOVEMENT in North American English