"I wasn't very impressed by the choices of chocolates offered around Christmas last year," David N. wrote.


"One might think that displaying such an ad would be pointless, but apparently, programmers from Gamefaqs believe otherwise," Dariusz wrote.


"The start elevation is the minimum of a 16-bit unsigned integer. The climb......that's just a WTF!" writes Craig Hubert.


"My friend Daniel found a quantum car wash. You can answer both yes or no and both get your car washed and not washed at once!," wrote Victor B.


Mike writes, "The people who market Spring (Java) certifications must have a self-deprecating sense of humor."


"Someone really emphasized the cascading aspect of CSS here," writes Noel B..


"Apparently, Transport for London recommends that I go via Clapham Junction in order to travel from Crofton park to Clapham Junction " writes Richard Miller.


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