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Unique vacancy you say? (from Michael H.)

So, this recruiting email that I received looks an awful lot like an ad looking for someone who knows how to do the equivalent of a mail merge. By the looks of the email subject, they truly need that someone in a hurry.

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: Michael {Surnmae}

A venture-funded company would like to let you know about a unique vacancy in the domain of mail forwarding.

The position requires no special experience besides basic computer skills.Your main responsibilities are to 
process correspondence at the address available to you, sort it out and send it to customers. 

Completely suitable for stay-at-home parents, pensioners and business owners who reside in their personal 
office during standard working hours.


Apparently JAVA Math is Hard! (from Rob B.)

There is a right way and a wrong way to do math. This is a result of doing it the wrong way.



The Most Perfect Bug Report (from David S.)

On the subject of terrible emails, this one remains the greatest bug report that I have ever received - it was from a particularly problematic tester who (I promise) spoke English as a first language. This one fascinated my boss so much that he put it on his email signature for several weeks.

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: Bug Fixed

David is this handled. It is on the list of JIRAs that might could stop upgrade to R5 
because CLIENT no I cannot determine from what info is available that is no longer 
applies or manners or is to be concerned about?


Email Alert: Unable to Deliver Email! (from Kim)

Um...Wait a second. Does this mean I can receive emails from Wells Fargo, or that I can't?



Send it the Simple Way (from Jakub)

I booked weekend accommodations in Austria through a travel agency. They were kind enough to send me a map, and what a map! They could have sent a link, they could have sent a screen shot...but they didn't. Instead, for some reason, they printed the map, scanned it, and then sent me a 10MB e-mail with four images like this.



Sometimes, all it take is a single word (from John K.)

Hi J., 

I have has an erogenous amount come through on the EUR cash report for 
trade 665420/917517 EUR (256,450,000). This trade is a fee which paid 
correctly value 18th July and so I am confused as to why this 
EUR(256,450,000) has come through today.

Would it be possible for you to trace this posting back and find out 
why it is showing on our report.



Debugging Web Service (from Sam Hoover)

A client recently sent me an email trying to determine why a production web service called from my code was returning an error. I grabbed the SOAP/XML payload and e-mailed it to them (Note: the payload has a tag that contains an e-mail address).

After a day or so of investigating on their end they replied with this:

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: RE: API errors

Well, we've looked over the xml you are sending and everything looks fine.  The 
only thing we can see is that when we copy the xml from the e-mail and paste it 
into Word it underlines the e-mail address as a hyperlink.  It looks like that's 
the problem, you need to send us the xml with no hyperlinks


!@FAVORABLEWORD@! Luck on your Job Search! (from Rick)



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