Today's Error'd is special! It's our first published article to use our new Discourse-based commenting system! We won't have this for every article for now, but we'd love to see what you all think...especially if you don't normally visit the comments page. Now, on with the article...

"Found this on Amazon UK while searching for Transformers toys," Adam wrote, "'BONECRUSHER hates everything'...except cat food."


"I'm not sure what to make of this chart in New Relic," David wrote.


"Yahoo changed their page, and now instead of just my local weather - i get to see what the weather is for the entire United States. neat!" Brian writes.


Ashley writes, "Maybe the other four missing tips are 'Lorem', 'Ipsum', 'Dolor', and 'Amet'?"


"Um...I don't think that Black and White printers work the way that Best Buy thinks that they do," Donovan wrote.


"I didn't realize that PlantUML spelled "class" with only one 's'," Michael K. writes.


"Either my hard drive is REALLY fragmented or I'm connected directly into the cloud," Premsuraj writes.


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