The costume that Ray V. found reminds me of a certain Aerosmith song.


"Apparently the Juniper Network Connect dialog doesn't know how to show MB/sec, and resorts to much longer scientific notation" Jeff G. writes.


"I uninstalled Ubisoft's game manager and was presented with their idea of internationalization - just display it in every language at once. The dialog is so big the buttons are off the bottom of the screen," Neil wrote.


"I wasn't quite sure what to suggest when a colleague came to me with an error message she had received," Adam writes, "If only more applications gave us the opportunity to be an ostrich and ignore everything!"


This laptop that that Jay P. found isn't just good, it's frickin' amazing!


"I thought that I was 27, but Soundpunk believes otherwise," Dylan L. writes.


"While ordering something from Toys R Us' UK site, I noticed something was off about the delivery dates," writes Steve D., "Maybe I should avoid having it delivered on the 11st, 12nd or 13rd?"


And finally, as part of my managers' globe trotting adventures, my director, Ben C., sent in a shot of a billboard in Seoul, South Korea near Deoksugung Palace that was advertising BIOS errors.


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