"Not only has my zip code seceded from the union, but it apparently has left the universe, as well," writes Mark, "I should really consider going to more neighborhood association meetings."


"Oh, so that explains why I'm so tired...and the time dilation," remarks Michael S.


Adam Starks figures that he's going to hold off on his purchase for now.


"I wanted to get a soda between classes, but unfortunately, the machine failed to boot up," Mark Tyrrell wrote, "I guess it brings new meaning to the term 'sugar crash'."


"Today I learned that 10 months is less than three," reports Will.


"A little while back I had lost my credit card, so went to the bank to get some cash. They have this ingenious way to get cash without a card - you log on to the website, and get a code to get your requested amount of cash with." writes Dor K., "As I was typing my code in the cash machine, I made a typo - as far as I can remember I was not born on month 00, but 03 instead. I clicked "correct", only to be presented with this screen. It's XML, except even the tags are in Hebrew. The values list names and addresses a number of nearby bank branches. I couldn't make any sense of the actual tag names though - they're total gibberish."


"This is why I buy a large hard drive," writes Andy Clark.


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