"My company ordered a trophy for our bowling tournament," writes Duane, "but I think the supplier might want to tune up their online order form."


 Stephen H. was a little skeptical at first, but sure enough, the WiFi passcode worked.


"Soo...is there a reward offered for crw32.dmp?" ponders Jens Wilke.


"It's really a shame that I found out about this deal 38 days and 10 hours too late," Chris laments.


Mike Bruns writes, "Thanks Amazon! I like to know exactly what page I'm on!"



"At this rate," notes Jeremiah Smith , "the download will probably finish before it even starts!"



 "I don't know if this is how I would describe The Dark Side of the Moon", remarks Erlend Dahl, "but I guess that there is room for alternate, if antequated, interpretations."



Marcus B. remarks, "With prices like this, I think that we'll just make due with black and white printouts."




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