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And now back to our regularly scheduled program...


Jerome Baum writes, "I don't know what monitor can handle 16777216 bits of color, but I bet it looks AWESOME!"


"This isn't exactly an error, but definitely a questionable search result," writes Ruquay Calloway, "Also, Amazon probably knows, somewhere, that I'm not a woman."


"I can't believe I've never noticed this before, but apparently there's an entity code just next to the seal in place of the actual Korean character," wrote John Rasch.


"Our 'cutting edge' Insurance Agency software presented me with this password change notification this morning," Shawn Hill wrote, "I think I'll wait to change it, I've got some time."


Vincent was given a number of interesting choices when he tried to download Safari.


"I just received this email from a recruiter," reprorts William, "To my amazement, knowledge of and lessons learned from The Daily WTF appear to be a required skill nowadays."


"I got an email from easyJet today - the last time I used that airline was about two years ago," Jack D. writes, "Perhaps someone can tell me which option means 'unsubscribe'?


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