"In the inventory section, it says they have 1 quadrillion units of crab rangoon in stock," writes Michael, "With that many, you'd think that crabs would be extinct."


"I can understand why Microsoft really wants me to renew," writes A. Patel, "After all, I only have over 100+ years until my license expires."


Mike wrote, "Nevermind what you want. GitHub on Windows has its own reasons for doing what it chooses."


Christian writes, "So, does WinSCP want me to click Cancel or OK to cancel?"


"Thank goodness that Facebook is so dedicated to looking out for its users' safety," wrote a relieved Bob Jonkman.


Vlad writes, "Apparently, there is new kind of math out in the great big world. For example, despite what I had been taught, it turns out that $153521 is more than $926533."


"As an employee of a large Midwestern university we have a large set of discount offers available," writes Ron, "I wonder if they'll let me buy this Samsung UN55F7500 at the undiscounted price?"


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