Hungry Adam starts off your RSS feed with what might honestly be making the best of a bad situation. "I guess my pizza will be here next time I write a date bug?"



Consumer Gordon S. reports "I was trying to clear up my subscription ending an issue early (but that's a WTF for another day) and can't get seem to get through to their chat. Looks like they got impatient waiting for their support to connect too. The message field is disabled, not that there's anyone listening." If you look closely you'll see that they also managed to perform MY personal pet peeve: blithe use of the wrong timezone.



Philosopher Daniel hypothesizes the reasoning behind this Tautological Error Message. "Why can't you delete this disk? Because it's attached to a VM! Which VM, you ask? That's top secret. I can neither confirm nor deny its existence."



Facebooker Craig has been driven to drink by the ads, raising a toast to Mr. Walker. "I love a delicious glass of {{product.brand}}"



Finally, a fail-merge from Manuel which undoubtedly went unnoticed because almost nobody actually pays attention to the archaic multipart/alternative anymore (except Manuel!). "I got this e-mail (upper one) today from my internet provider, where they asked me for feedback. I wasn't sure whether they wanted feedback for their language skills, since the subject is Estonian and the body is English, or for their ability to send automated mails. Even more surprising, when I switched to view the message body as HTML instead of text (my default), it was suddenly Estonian, and also the content was different."



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